How You Can Benefit from an Energy Supplier

In order to understand why an Energy Supplier like Union Atlantic Electricity is so important and beneficial, it is first key to comprehend the difference between a Retail Electric Provider (REP) like Union Atlantic and a Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP).

A REP sells electricity to you and handles customer service and billing. REPs also compete for your business by offering pricing options or added customer service benefits. Obtaining electricity through a REP also helps shape the world of modern energy sourcing practices, as REPs often seek out pollution-free, renewable energy sourcing techniques to make themselves marketable and also to obtain RECs.

The actual delivery of electricity (the transmission and distribution of it) is provided by your TDSP. The TDSP is responsible for the delivery and measuring of electricity that flows through poles and wires and is consumed by your home or business. You can rely upon your TDSP for all parts of the electricity and energy processes, but it is advisable to contact a company like Union Atlantic Electricity for the deals and improved customer service.

Making the switch to cleaner electricity doesn’t mean sacrificing the reliable service you’ve received from your utility. Your local utility company will always read your meter, respond to power outages and provide other services related to the delivery of your electricity. The third party company simply uses the same networks that the utilities have already built, meaning the utilities are the ones responsible for maintaining them.

The price utilities pay for electricity changes constantly, affected by uncontrollable variables like changing fuel prices, fluctuating operational costs between various types of power plants, infrastructure costs, reduced demand due to increased energy efficiency and regulatory changes. However, due to the fact that they have cash on hand and can buy electricity in bulk, third party energy suppliers can keep prices low and consistent and are less affected by external factors. In the past, energy consumers really had no other choice than to be tossed around with the winds of fluctuating power prices because there were no third party options. The power industry was a natural monopoly and subsequently, customers were neglected.

However, with the introduction of third party energy suppliers, the customer is more appropriately cared for. This is done as a result of the third party being able to maintain a low, fixed rate for its services. How this works is that each time a new customer signs up to buy electricity from a third party supplier, the supplier calculates how much energy they’ll likely need to purchase for that customer by comparing their past usage. They then add that figure to the amount of electricity all their other customers are expected to use and take that total to large corporations to negotiate a bulk rate on their power purchase.

In summation, it really is best to use a third party supplier like UAE to make sure you, as a customer, are protected and cared for. Check out our offerings and benefits here.

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