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Rates & Options

What rate plans do you offer?

We offer fixed rate plans for residents and businesses, as well as green options for each plan.  Give us a call if you are interested in a variable rate.

What is a fixed rate?

With a fixed rate, you pay the same amount for each kilowatt-hour you buy, and we can only change the rate at the time your contract renews.

What is a variable rate?

With a variable rate, the amount you pay per kilowatt-hour can change from month to month.

Do you offer variable rate plans?

You can call us about our variable rate plans. Some residential and businesses customers choose this option because they’re willing to take on some price risk in order to get better savings. Most competitive suppliers won’t tell you how they calculate their variable rates, but we are completely transparent.

Can I get all my power from green sources?

Yes. Our green rate plan lets you offset 100% of your power consumption using credits from renewable energy sources. Unlike most competitive suppliers, we’re also happy to work with you if you want to use solar panels or other renewable energy systems for your home.

Can my rates go up?

We have to adjust our rates from time to time to respond to market conditions, but we are committed to keeping our prices low. However, if you are on one of our fixed rate plans your rate will be locked in at a competitive rate for the length of the fixed term.

Do you have rates for larger size businesses?

We offer several rate plans for medium and large size businesses. Please contact us directly, and we will assist you in choosing a plan that best suits your business’s individual needs.

Who Can Switch?

Can I be a Union Atlantic Electricity customer if I generate my own power with solar panels or other renewable energy technologies?

Yes! We are one of the only suppliers that lets our customers do this, because we believe in clean energy and energy independence.

Can I switch to Union Atlantic Electricity if I already have another competitive supplier?


Do I need to have a smart meter to switch to Union Atlantic Electricity?

No. We serve customers with traditional meters and smart meters.

Will my utility mind if I switch?

No. State law created deregulation, and businesses have been buying from competitive suppliers for many years.

How Do I Switch?

Do I have to call my utility to tell them I’m switching to Union Atlantic Electricity?

No. Once we have your online, phone or paper signup, we will communicate the information to your utility and take care of everything for you.

Once I switch, how long will it take to start saving?

It usually takes one to two months from the time you sign up with us to the time your utility finishes switching you over. You’ll know you’ve been switched to us once you see our name on the supply portion of your utility bill!

When I switch, do you need to install a new meter?

No. The only thing that changes is the name of your supply company on your utility bill!

Will switching to Union Atlantic Electricity change my utility bill delivery charges?

No. The utility will still deliver your power and charge the same rates for that service.

Will I still be a customer of my utility if I switch to Union Atlantic Electricity?

Yes. Your utility will still deliver power, provide billing, and address electrical service issues like power outages.

Does Union Atlantic Electricity require a deposit?


Do you need my email address to enroll, and what if I don’t have one?

One reason we can save you money is that we communicate with our customers primarily through email. If you do not have an email address, you can still enroll, but please share your email address with us if you have one!

Billing and Contracts

Why are there multiple charges on my electricity bill?

Your bill includes charges for electricity “delivery” and “supply.” Your utility is still the “Delivery” portion of your bill, after you enroll with Union Atlantic Electricity, we become the “supply” component. You would still call your utility if you have an emergency and your utility will continue to provide maintenance just like they always have.

Will switching to Union Atlantic Electricity change my utility bill delivery charges?

No. The utility will still deliver your power and charge the same rates for that service.

I have a deposit with my utility company. Will I get that back if I switch to Union Atlantic Electricity?

You may be able to get your deposit back, but you will need to contact your utility to find out.

If I switch to Union Atlantic Electricity, can I stay on my budget billing plan with my utility?


What changes can I expect to see on my bill?

Your bill has two parts, one for “delivery” and one for “supply.” You will see our company replace the standard offer or basic service provider on the “supply” part of the bill. You will still pay your utility the same amount for delivery.

Do I have to sign a contract?

For our fixed rate plans, you will need to accept our Terms of Service. You can check a box to do that when enrolling online, sign a paper Terms of Service contract, or agree to Terms of Service over the phone (our phone operator will answer any questions you have). Please read the Terms of Service before enrolling!

Will I get two electricity bills?

No. You will still receive one bill from your utility, and make payment to your utility, but the “supply” portion of your bill will show Union Atlantic as your electricity supplier.  Your utility will forward your payment to us.

Everything Else

What is electric deregulation?

In deregulated states, while utilities still deliver power to customers, customers can buy their electricity supply from any licensed provider. All the New England states except Vermont, and many more states across the United States, are currently deregulated.

Who do I call if my power goes out?

Please contact your utility. Your utility is still in charge of electrical service.

What happens if I move?

You will have to enroll with us again from your new address, once you move there.  If you contact us and tell us where you are moving, we can make sure that happens seamlessly!

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