Eco-Friendly Products You Need In Your Life

Companies nowadays are scrambling to make their products more environmentally friendly, due to popular demand. Additionally, companies are popping up, particularly in the realms of housewares and beauty, whose central mission is to provide products with environmental integrity. Though a lot of people are excited about these products, some are not so ready to jump on the bandwagon. Eco-friendly products tend to be more expensive than their previous counterparts, and depending on where in the country you live, they may also be harder to find. While you don’t have to adopt the environmental friendliness that is so in trend in every one of the products you use, there are some products that really can benefit the earth if you switch to a more sustainable version. Here at Union Atlantic Electricity, we are committed to providing electricity in a way that is best for the communities we support as well as the environment as a whole. Our care for the environment transcends beyond just electricity and we hope you’ll adopt the same regard for the ecosystem. One of the best ways to start showing your concern for the planet is by making small changes in terms of the products you buy and use on a daily basis. In this informative blog post, we’ll give you some ideas of environmentally-friendly products to try out.

Cloth Napkins and Other Paper Goods: napkins, diapers and other cloth-like products are disposed all the time, ending up in a landfill that is bad for the environment and the people that live nearby. Additionally, so much unnecessary waste is created with cloth napkins and diapers as they are disposed of after only having been used once. You may be thinking that cloth diapers could be a little nasty, but there are actually great washing/disposal systems to help the process be muck, and yuck, free. Another great benefit of cloth diapers is that they don’t have the dangerous chemicals that are used to make so many diapers these days. All in all, using cloth as a sustainable stand-in for products made out of paper or other disposable materials is a great way to do your part in saving the environment. You may also save a bit of money!

Rechargeable Batteries: Batteries are among some of the hardest items to recycle. The materials in them, such as lead and other harsh chemicals, make the recycling complicated and also dangerous. Therefore, they are a great product to avoid by using sustainable alternatives, such as rechargeable batteries. Additionally, a lot of products come with USB-charging options nowadays, so opting for those products instead of their battery-reliant counterparts, is another way to add a little greenness to your day and life.

Reusable Water Bottles: Reusable water bottles are an absolute new age must-have. It’s very easy to switch from plastic water bottles to one consolidated, streamline process with a single reusable water bottle. The best materials for your reusable water bottle are aluminum, stainless steel or glass, as plastic can begin to leach into the water. Anyways, these are just a few ideas for the best environmentally friendly products, comment below if you have more!

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