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We Keep Our Rates Low

Union Atlantic offers low-cost rate plans for residents and businesses, with green options for each plan. We seek the best possible deals in the electricity markets, and pass the benefit on to you. Unlike our competitors, we let you leave us with no fee, because we think we should have to earn your business every day.

With us, you’ll get the same reliable service as always from your utility. You’ll enjoy our low rates, and you’ll support organizations that advocate for working families and a sustainable future – all through a simple change in your electricity supplier.

Basic Option

Our basic fixed-rate plans give residents and businesses a great low-cost option.

Green Option

We offer a Green Option for homes and businesses that want to offset their carbon footprint through renewable energy credits. You could drastically offset your carbon emissions, especially if you use this cleaner power mix to power an electric car or electric heating system.

Business Rates

We offer several rate plans for businesses of all sizes, with green options for each.

Great Rates

We offer great rates that fit your needs.

We offer several rate plans for medium and large size businesses. Please contact us directly, and we will assist you in choosing a plan that best suits your business’s individual needs.

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