Energy Uses in The United States

Energy is something we rely upon everyday, yet something many of us do not think about. However the use of energy, and how energy will be divided, is thought about by some quite a lot.

Energy is pretty much divided among four sectors, including: industrial, transportation, commercial and residential. Some examples of activities you may do frequently that require energy include: heating and cooling our homes, lighting office buildings, driving cars and also operating other forms of transportation such as trains and busses, and also producing the products that we use every day. All of these activities require large expenditures of energy, and we aren’t stopping our consumption any time soon. In fact, it is predicted that the United States will consume energy at an increasing rate- increasing about 7.3 percent over the next twenty years. But the United States is not alone in their alarming rate over consumption. Global consumption of energy is expected to also rise. By how much? Well, by about forty percent over the next two decades.

So how in particular do we use energy in our homes and commercial buildings? Well, we like to keep rooms at a comfy temperature, we like to use appliances, computers, copiers and more. Furthermore, we keep the light on in the spaces we inhabit, use water for laundry and also bathing, and more. When you think of all these domestic duties, it is easy to comprehend the fact that about 40 percent of the energy consumed in the United States goes to commercial buildings and homes.

However, the way we use energy within our own homes is changing. Specifically, there is less energy being devoted to space heating and cooling than before. In 1993, 60 percent of residential energy use in the US was devoted to heating and cooling. By 2009, that number dropped dramatically down to 48 percent. But we contributed the energy to another source- appliances, electronics, and lighting. The energy used in that category rose from 24 percent to 35 percent, in fact. This is largely due to the wide advancement in technologies that has been witnessed in said period.

But how much residential energy (that contributed to homes and domiciles) does the US consume in total? Well, it has been estimated that the US consumes between 16 and 20.8 quads. This accounts for one fifth of all US energy consumption- which was about 98 quads in the year 2015. The growth that has been experienced in residential energy is widely linked to the population boom that has been witnessed all over the world, and in the States themselves.

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