Greenest Places to Live In the World

Here at Union Atlantic Electricity, we are committed to providing our customers with renowned, premium electricity and also are committed to delivering our high-quality electricity and energy in ethical, cost-effective and perhaps most importantly, environmentally-friendly ways. The environment is incredibly important to all of us here at Union Atlantic Electricity, and we are dedicated to doing our part to protect the earth. With this said, we honor the cities throughout the world that share our environmental dedication in this blog post. Their commitment to environmental-friendliness mirrors our own and serves to be an inspiration for us to continue our green, ethical work. If you enjoy this blog post and the cities featured in it, you will certainly enjoy working with an energy supplier that cares deeply about the environment as well as its customers- which Union Atlantic Electricity embodies. So sit back, relax, and soak up the greenness featured in this article.


Copenhagen has been repeatedly voted the greenest city in the world for a myriad of impeccable reasons. Perhaps the main reason people consider Copenhagen to be so green is because of its primary lack of driving and biking as supplemental transportation. Its citizens are also quite healthy.


Amsterdam is seen as ahem, progressive, in a lot of ways. But environmental-friendliness is perhaps the city’s biggest endeavor. The city boasts more bikes than people, drastically reducing carbon emissions and pollution, thus earning it a spot on this list.


Stockholm is often referred to as the cleanest city in the world- the streets are maintained and the air is incredibly fresh and clean. Additionally, the city has an amazing public transit system which reduces car traffic.


Portland is a city filled with hippies and environmentalists, so it’s no surprise that it shows up on our list of green cities. The city offers 92,000 acres of green space and 74 miles of hiking and running trails for its citizens to enjoy.


Berlin is known as such an environmentally-friendly city primarily because it implements green spaces into the urban sprawl so well and also, has more parks than any other city in Europe. Also, the city has a commitment to recycling.

San Francisco

Half of San Francisco’s population walks, bikes or uses public transit to get to their job. This and other environmental endeavors make San Fran one of the greenest cities in the USA and the world.

Cape Town

Cape Town is making huge moves in terms of being a green African nation- one such stride is using energy from a commercial wind farm, which has changed the city to include bike routes and farmer’s markets.


Reykjavik, Iceland is one of the most beautiful and cleanest places in the world. It features hydrogen buses on its streets and heat and electricity that comes from renewable geothermal and hydropower sources.


Vancouver is clearly one of the greenest cities in the world, boasting impressively small CO2 emissions and a high quality of air. It is also the hometown of Greenpeace.


Helsinki rounds out our list of greenest countries as the city make its easy for work commuters to bike throughout the city or use public transit. This lack of cars translates into significantly reduced air pollution.

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