Helpful Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill, Part 1

In the recent years, the green movement has been promoting the importance of energy conservations more than ever before. After the major oil price spike of 2008, Americans felt the impact to their finances as utility companies began to add fuel surcharges to their customers’ bills. Compounded with that, water shortages in certain regions of the country forced strict water use restrictions, especially in areas like California, Nevada, and Texas. All these added expenditures give homeowners plenty of incentive to save money on their power and gas bills in any way possible. Here are some little tweaks and changes you can make in your home to be more energy efficient and save on your energy bill.

Paint Your Roof White  

This may sound crazy, but in warmer climates painting your roof white will help deflect some of the heat you deal with on a daily basis. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Heat Island Group discovered that in sunny climates, buildings that had a white roof required as much as 40% less energy on cooling than those that had a black roof. At the current rates charged by energy suppliers, this could mean you saving roughly $100 per year on your energy bill. White elastomeric coatings are inexpensive and can be found in most any hardware stores in the southern half of the U.S. These coatings are a blend of polymers that are flexible, durable, and waterproof, and offer the added benefit of increasing your roof’s life span and water resistance.

Use an Irrigation Meter

Here’s a fun fact, you are charged twice for all the water you use on a monthly basis, once as it pumps into your house and again as it’s pumped out into sewage. However, the water used to irrigate your garden or lawn never makes it into the sewer system. You can save money by installing a separate meter to measure the water usage of your swimming pool, irrigation, and other outdoor gardening appliances. This will ensure you’re only paying for the sewer capacity you are using. Once installed, your utility supplier will read the meter every month and subtract money from your sewage bill. This system will cost several hundred dollars upfront, but it should pay for itself within a few years, especially if a significant amount of water is used in your yard.

Turn Everything Off!

Pretty self-explanatory, when you’re finished using an appliance, instead of just letting it run and drain energy, shut it off! You can save tons of money on your energy bill just by monitoring how you run appliances. Turn off as many things as you can before you go to bed. You would be surprised how much simply turning everything off can add up to extra money in your pocket. According to the Department of Energy, just leaving your cable box plugged in and not on for a whole year would cost you $17.83. Most people don’t take into account how much power is used when an appliance is plugged in and idle.

These are just a few simple ways you can save on your energy bill. It’s always important to consider the company you purchase your utilities from. City Power & Gas offer cheap energy with reliable service and flexible pricing options.  Call (855) 388-6466 or contact us via and speak with one of our consultants today.

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