Helpful Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill, Part 2

Last week, we discussed a few different methods to help save on your energy bill. Energy conservation has become a major topic over the past two decades. After the major oil price spike of 2008, Americans felt the impact to their finances as utility companies began to add fuel surcharged to their customers’ bills. Compounded with that, water shortages in certain areas of the country forced strict water use restriction, especially in areas like California, Nevada, and Texas. All these added expenditures give homeowners plenty of incentive to save money on their power and gas bills in any way possible. We’ve added a few things to the list of tweaks you can make in your home to save on your energy bill.


Set Your Water Heater Lower

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that setting a water heater at about 140 degrees or higher can waste anywhere between $36-$61 annually in losses created trying to keep your water up to temperature while it is on standby, and a stunning $400 to bring a fresh batch of water up to temperature. To try and save even more money, keep your electric heater off and turn your gas heater down as far as possible when out of the house or on vacation.


Get Reusable AC and Furnace Filters

It’s easy to put off changing out the filter on your air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation system simply because you didn’t want to pay for a brand new filter. The issue is, the longer you wait to change your filter, the more issues you will have with your HVAC system in the long run. Neglect and dirt can even cause the untimely death of your expensive HVAC unit. If you wish to spend a little more money on a reusable filter, then you can simply hose it off when it gets clogged with dust and debris. Using a permanent filter will save you a lot of money in the long run, cut your utility bill, and extend the life of you HVAC system. Considering disposable AC filters will run you about $4 every 3 months or so, you can make back the $20-$40 of a permanent filter in about a year and a half.


Upgrade Your Appliances

Keep all of your appliances up to date! Your state and local government or utility company may offer financial incentives for homeowners who decide to upgrade their appliances to newer, more energy efficient models that may be available. Incentives will usually take the form of a rebate check for any homeowner who can provide proof of purchase for the newest Energy Star models available at the moment. You can save money by searching for incentives offered in your area through the online Database of State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency, also known as the DSIRE. In the state of Florida, the DSIRE shows 76 different tax incentives, grants, and rebate programs available to the public.


If your electric company/energy supplier is overcharging you for their services, you can save on your energy bill by checking out other services available in your area. Union Atlantic Electricity offer green, environmentally friendly energy solutions to businesses and residences across the United States. We offer a 15% rebate to those who try our services for 12 months. Contact us anytime via or (855) 388-6466.

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