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It's Easy to Switch Energy Suppliers!

Enrolling with Union Atlantic Electricity

After you enroll with us, we inform your utility that you want to switch. They will switch you within six weeks after that. Once the transfer is complete, your utility bill will show Union Atlantic Electricity as your supplier, and will reflect your new low rate! Your utility will still provide your service, and will continue billing you, reading your meter and handling electrical service issues such as power outages.

Switching from another supplier

If you are currently receiving supply service from a competitive electricity supplier, you should check with your supplier when your contract with them ends. Many suppliers use high fees to keep their customers in contracts. We can work with you to switch you at the right time, so we can prevent your current supplier from hitting you with fees.

Switching rate plans

At any time after you sign up with us, you may switch your rate plan at no cost—for example, switching from a basic to a green plan. Just send an email to rateswitch@unionatlanticelectricity.com, or call our US based customer service center at (855)-388-6466, 9 AM–5 PM, Monday through Friday, and we’ll process your switch. It should take 6-10 weeks before you see the first bill reflecting the switch.

Price changes 

We change our rates from time to time to keep them competitive and respond to market conditions. This ensures that we can continue to give you great prices and service.

Customer service

We’re committed to meeting our customers’ needs.  If you have any questions about your rate plan, the supply portion of your bill, or anything else about the services we provide you, please send an inquiry via our online form, or call us at (855) 388-6466, 9 AM–5 PM, Monday through Friday.

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