Save Money On Utilities This Holiday Season

The holiday season should be fun, not stressful. However, it’s hard to enjoy all the festivities, when you’re worry about how you are gonna pay for presents for your loved one. This is an especially true sentiment for parents with children. You want to give your children the best christmas or other winter holiday possible, but you can’t stop paying for the essentials during this time, life still moves on. If that’s not enough, pair the financial burden of gift-giving with the fact that a lot of things cost more during the winter, including utilities. You are cranking up the heat in your house, turning on your lights earlier because it gets dark out so quickly, and those changes lead you to see a substantial increase in your utility bill. About one half to one third of Americans’ annual electricity bill is accrued during the winter season. However, there are some tips and tricks to help you save money on boring stuff like utilities during the winter, so you can focus on fun uses of money, such as the perfect gifts for your children.

Well one, you want to make sure your provider isn’t jipping you. One of the reasons the government regulates energy provider companies is that a lot of larger providers are guilty of charging exorbitant costs. At Union Atlantic Electricity, we care about our customers and vow to give you the best price possible. Once you feel secure with the provider you have selected, there are a few things you can do on a household level to help you cut down your utility bill each month. It is especially important to adopt the forthcoming tips and tricks during the winter as that is when people often face the largest utility bills. A few tips include: using blankets and clothes instead of running high heat all day, only heat rooms you are in, turn off appliances you aren’t using at the wall, install insulation, turn down the thermostat (even 1 degree can make a huge difference in terms of savings), turn off the thermostat if everyone is leaving the house, blocking off heating and cooling vents, turning down the hot water temperature, moving furniture and other things away from radiators so the heat is not blocked, drying clothes on a rack in front of the radiator as opposed to on the radiator directly as this will also block heat, shortening showers to reduce water heating costs, running high heat for short times instead of long amounts of lower heat, buying efficient heaters, turning down water heater temperatures, using the microwave or stovetop instead of the oven to make food as the oven uses more electricity to function, cutting down on the amount of rooms you use so you don’t heat the whole house and lastly, taking hot water bottles or heat packs to bed so you don’t have to rely on solely the radiator or other heating devices. If you follow the aforementioned tips and invest in a relationship with a high-quality, renowned provider like Union Atlantic Electricity, you will definitely see savings this holiday season.

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