Tips For Saving Money On Energy In 2018

All tips regarding saving electricity and therefore money on bills evolve all the time, so they cannot be generalized. New technologies related to this matter are appearing all the time. All of this means that new and fresh tips for saving electricity are essential for most homeowners. Energy costs all over the country (and world) are projected to go up in 2018, so it’s a good idea to be prepared with plenty of tips. With them, you can save on your energy/electric bill each month.

Loft insulation

There are countless tips regarding loft insulation. These tricks can help you save a huge amount of energy and money. Recent studies have proven that an average homeowner can save up to $400 when a loft is properly insulated. Electric providers will probably advise you to do this if you haven’t done so  already.

Get new boilers

Experts have been advising people to buy new boilers- more energy efficient ones when their old boilers break down. A new unit will cost you around $2,000, depending on the size, class and other factors. But, recently several experts discovered that old boilers, despite the fact that they are operating perfectly, use more energy than when they were new. That’s why it is mandatory to replace your old boiler if you want to save electricity. On average, you can expect up to $600 of savings per year. An average unit will last 10 years, so it will repay itself almost 3 times.

Install double glazed windows

An electricity company may advise you to install double-glazed windows. Not only do they look much better than old ones, but they also save energy. An average homeowner should replace all windows as soon as possible, in order to save money on electricity and enhance safety. In addition, this upgrade also improves the property value.

Solar panels

In 2018, solar panels will become more affordable, so this is one more reason to add them to your home. They can save an impressive amount of energy, simply due to the fact that they will produce up to 40% of the total house energy requirements. If you produce more energy than you actually need, you can even sell it to the energy supplier. This technology is advancing all the time, so in the near future, it will become much better and far more reliable.

Cavity walls fix

This is another type of insulation you will have to amend. On average, fixing it will cost you $600, but you will save up to $300 each year! These are impressive savings and must be taken into consideration. It is fast and simple to fix a cavity wall, so it’s definitely something you should look into.


Gas and electric will go up during 2018. These tips are the only way you can make electricity still affordable during these upcoming expense increases. They have a huge overall effect, something you will experience during the first month you implement these tips.

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