Winter is Coming: Prepare for Your Energy Bill

The winter is coming, so you can anticipate a higher energy bill.  But there are some, simple ways which can help you lower it. You can save on your energy bill easily and without making any sacrifices, using the tips mentioned below.

  • Wear layered clothes

When you wear layered clothes, you can adjust your temperature much better. For example, if you are too warm, remove one layer of clothes and vice versa. When you wear only one layer of clothes, chances are high you will feel cold at some point, which means you will directly increase the heating, which directly increases the bill. You want to avoid this.

  • Heat/cool only areas of home where you spend time

All electric providers advise keeping your areas of a house heat regulated. Others, don’t. But this tip can help you reduce an energy bill up to 50%. On the other hand, you can also increase it by 50%, so it is up to you. Additionally, you will want to keep your curtains and doors closed in all rooms where the heating is on. Just be cognizant and you are sure to save a few bucks.

  • Adjust the thermostat properly

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should adjust it in some special way. All it means is that you should adjust it between 18 and 20 degrees. Each degree above it will make a 10% higher bill at the end of a month. In addition, during the winter, heat costs will make up 30% of the total energy bill.

  • Use cold water to wash your clothes

Did you know that you can save up to $125 per a year using cold water to wash your clothes? An interesting fact is that your washing machine will also last longer.

  • Add insulation to the roof of a house

Your energy supplier may recommend you to add insulation to your roof. This is the biggest surface (flat surface) where you lose heat. In the summer, it is also the biggest surface which heats up the entire home. The alternative to hemorhaghing money is to add proper insulation. You can save up to 30% on your energy bill with this tip.

  • Turn off gadgets that are on standby

A power company probably won’t tell you that 10% of your energy bill is caused by all the gadgets in your home which are on standby. For example, if you have a computer, avoid putting it on standby. Simply turn it off. If we know that some of you have so many gadgets that they cannot keep track of them, this can make an even bigger part of an energy bill.


Gas and electric costs should be saved in any way possible. With these tips, you can save on both your gas and energy bill, without making any sacrifices.

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