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A New Kind of Energy Company

Our vision for Union Atlantic Electricity is to create a new kind of energy company – one that doesn’t just power communities but strengthens them.

We started Union Atlantic Electricity because we think people deserve a power company that’s on their side, and that strives to do better. Better for our customers, better for our communities, and better for the environment which surrounds us all. We offer residents and businesses basic and green electricity and gas – energy sources that are sustainable and offered at rates that are affordable.

Union Atlantic Electricity is committed to giving back to our communities and to the environment, and we offer opportunities for our customers to help us with this effort. Here at Union Atlantic – we believe together, we can do better.

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Why Switch Energy Providers?

We’re focused on strengthening communities and helping people and businesses achieve lower electricity and gas rates.

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Low Fixed Rates Energy Plans

Union Atlantic Electricity sells low-cost energy to people and businesses. We offer a range of fixed pricing plans that allow our customers to lock in affordable rates and provide them protection against the risk of rising energy costs. Read more

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Rewards and Rebates

We value the loyalty of our customers and demonstrate our appreciation by offering monthly rewards and annual rebates. The longer they stay with us, the more our customers are rewarded. Read More

Sustainable electricity and gas

We’re committed to sustainability. We offer green energy products to our customers, and we’re working to improve the mix of our energy sources. We’ll also be helping customers reduce their carbon footprint by providing information regarding energy efficiency. Read More


Giving Back to our Communities

We believe in doing good within the communities we operate and helping those who might be in need. We will donate to worthy causes and organizations on behalf of our customers –providing us both an opportunity to give back. Read More

Low Cost Energy Rates
and Options

Union Atlantic offers low-cost rate plans for residents and businesses, with green options for each plan. We seek the best possible deals in the electricity markets, and pass the benefit on to you.

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Union Atlantic as your Energy Supplier?

Getting a great price on your electricity is important. But where you buy your electricity is also a choice about values.

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